Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You don't hate, do you?

This poster was designed by Neil W. and in my opinion, it is beautiful. Thanks Neil. A reverse colour version (which won't eat your toner cartridge as fast as a very-fast-thing) will be available for download, printing and posting up in public within a few days, from this site, as well as on AVfM.


  1. The MRM needs more posters like this. Posters can have a very powerful effect, just one can each a lot of people.

    Creating a good poster is a different matter and requires a lot of skills. This is a good poster, well done to Neil W.

  2. This is a PHENOMENAL poster.

    I would print it out and put it up but I live in an area where I'm 99% sure no one would even understand it. Conservative middle class suburbia around here is barely aware of these issues.

  3. OutSTANDing!

    I hope the 'for-print' version can be downloaded at high-enough resolution that the scan tag is phone-readable. I'm ready to take this one for real printing-press printing and start a Hamilton-style campaign in my home town.

  4. You can download the dark background version - for taking to a professional printer - or the light background version from this page :

    as well as from this page :

  5. @LaughingBlades i don't see an argument, i see nothing from you except the monotonous and boringly empty repetition of imputations of malice. Bring an argument, or stfu

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  8. Thank you Neil W. for designing this poster. And thank you John the Other for posting them. I am deeply sorry for what happened in Vancouver.

    My thanks,and gratitude, also gos out to all those who work with and support A Voice for Men. You have not only given the love of my life the support, community and voice that says "you are not alone, we will stand up for your/our rights", but also have provided that for every other male friend and family member of mine.

    I wish you all the best.

    Thank you, thank you,
    A very appreciative (soon to be) Wife, (one day) Mother, daughter, sister and niece.